Loudoun Virginia Prostitution and Solicitation Laws

This fact needs to keep in mind that when it comes to a person living in Loudon Virginia, then there are some things which need to take care of first. One of the major thing is to follow solicitation and prostitution laws because there are very strict rules. One of the best way which can … Read more

homicide laws in Chesterfield Virginia

Homicide laws in Chesterfield – Virginia 18.2-30 – Murder and manslaughter declared felonies “Any person who commits capital murder, the murder of the first degree, the murder of the second degree, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, shall be guilty of a felony.” What is meant by “Capital Murder” According to the Code of Virginia, capital … Read more

Hit and Run laws in Loudoun Virginia

There are many people who link the term hit and run with the serious road accidents, whereas most of the hit and run cases are not linked with the serious punishment. There are hit and run laws in Loudoun Virginia, which are explained for making the Virginian drivers aware of the major laws. Most of … Read more

Henrico Virginia Rape and Sexual Battery Laws

The crimes like Rape and Sex are common everywhere. Rape is also called Sex Battery. In Henrico Virginia Rape and Sexual Battery are common crimes. There is a minor difference in rape and in the sexual battery and the difference is that rape is considered a force sexual interaction while the other one happens by … Read more

Hanover VA Drug Charge Attorney

There are many drug charges which are more serious than the other drug charges in Hanover, VA. In drug crimes the only way to understand the seriousness of the charge is by looking at the schedule of the drug. Then there are other factors that can be included with the drug charge for example the … Read more

Driving on a Suspended License in Fairfax Virginia

Driving on a suspended license in Fairfax Virginia is a serious offense, which bears penalties. According to the Virginia law section 46.2-30, when an individual is found to drive on a suspended driver’s license, he or she will be accused of class one misdemeanor, which bears serious punishments, as it is a criminal charge. The … Read more

Charged With a Sex Crime?

Different offenses are considered as sex crimes. The charges of these crimes are also very severe. There are many categories of these crimes but commonly they involved in a sexual act. These actions are against the consent of other person. Various types of sex crimes are prohibited by law in all states. Such types are … Read more

Annapolis Maryland Prostitution and Solicitation Laws

All aspects of prostitution are illegal in Maryland. This includes the purchase (traditionally called call, but called “assignment” in Maryland), sales (prostituting oneself), and pimping (also known as pandering, but now called “human trafficking” in Maryland). Annapolis, Maryland’s switch to trafficking as an offense under prostitution laws speaks the compelling nature of how young women … Read more