Driving on a Suspended License in Fairfax Virginia

Driving on a suspended license in Fairfax Virginia is a serious offense, which bears penalties. According to the Virginia law section 46.2-30, when an individual is found to drive on a suspended driver’s license, he or she will be accused of class one misdemeanor, which bears serious punishments, as it is a criminal charge. The individual who is charged with class one misdemeanor will be punishable for up to one year of imprisonment and the penalty of $2,500. It rarely occurs that the judges impose a larger jail sentence, but it does not rule out the possibility of a jail sentence of several days.

According to Virginia law section 46.2-301, if any individual had previous two or more convictions of driving with the suspended license then he or she can have the jail sentence of minimum 10 days. The least penalty of driving on a suspended license in Fairfax Virginia might include another suspension of the license, which is separate from the previous suspension that occurred due to separate reason. In Virginia law, the judge can suspend the license of the person accused of driving on the suspended license, for the same period as of the previous suspension. For example, if the person license was originally suspended for six months due to reckless driving or any hit and run case, then driving on a suspended license in Fairfax Virginia will also include suspension of additional six months.

The driving license of the individual might suspend for the unspecified time in some conditions. In this condition, the law allows the judge to suspend the license of the individuals for additional 90 days who are accused of driving on the suspended license in Fairfax Virginia. The separate license suspensions do not start until the previous period of license suspension ends.

While suspending the license, there are several complications which can arise due to a reason for which the driving license of the individual was suspended, the period for which the driving license suspended, number of times the driver as charged with the offense of driving on a suspended license. Whether in past and the driver was charged with driving without the valid license or with the revoked license. These are the factors on which the court decides to suspend the license of the accused individuals.

Driving with a suspended license is a critical matter, which involves severe penalties and punishments. There are certain points, which the prosecutor can utilize to prove the individual guilty in the court. Similarly, there are also many defenses, which the lawyer can use to prove the innocence of the client. Consulting an experienced and skilled lawyer would help the person in developing a strong defense. Thereby, the lawyer assists the individual in avoiding harsh penalties that could create problems for the professional carrier.

Driving on a suspended license in Fairfax Virginia can result in a jail sentence, which can cause various professional issues for working individuals. Therefore, if you are experiencing the similar condition, then timely consultation with a traffic attorney might prevent you from severe punishments. The lawyer can guide you in getting all the information of the laws and related punishments. He will get the possible good outcomes for your case by negotiating the punishments with the judge to reduce these penalties.