Prince William telemarketing fraud laws

Telemarketing fraud is a serious crime these days. Criminals are trapping a lot of people these days. The criminals make a phone call and give such offers that victim gets trapped. He accepts an offer from the company and confidently provides all bank or credit card details. Sometimes the victim transfers money by himself without knowing lose he is going to suffer.

The criminal trap by offering some bonuses on investment of some money or give cheap rates on a particular product and much more. The victim considers that sale person from some famous brand is calling and offering the best deal in a town. He says yes and thus gets trapped.

Telemarketing fraud laws

Fraud laws related to telephone are very strict and do not allow any compromise on the penalties. In all states including Virginia, the proper punishment is present in the law. Whoever convicts this law is liable to prison as well as he has to pays the heavy duty fine depending on the severity level of the crime.

Prince William Virginia telemarketing fraud law state that any person who makes this offense is liable for jail as well as he has to pay a fine of $1000 to $3000 depending on the level of the crime he has done. The offender has to return all the money he acquired from the people along with the fine.

Seek a help of lawyer to recover money from fraudulent

If you are facing issue regarding the telemarketing fraud and has lost much money by getting trapped through these fake calls than its important to seek the help of an attorney. In Virginia SRIS group of law is active agency having a team of the well experienced lawyer. The legal advisors have been working in this field for many years and have handled such cases efficiently. if you are suffering from fraud case and need your money back than the SRIS group of law is perfect platform in this case.

Contacting our legal advisor is very simple. You can visit to him in our office during working hours. The attorney will welcome you and will listen to your case himself. There is no involvement of secretary between client and lawyer discuss. The attorney will discuss everything and make a proper plan to follow up the case. he may ask different questions to collect the evidence as well as also review other such cases to match different phone calls and the purpose of the criminal.

In this way, the lawyers are able to find the right criminal and present the strong evidence in front of a judge. It is the responsibility of our lawyer to meet your requirements and to prepare a case in such a way that judge can make the decision easily and charge the offender with the specific fine according to the degree of the sin.

Once you handover the case to SRIS group of law you must be carefree as it is our duty to recover your money and help you providing the justice